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No Excuse Today

The Adventures Of Derek & JoJo (PRE-ORDER)

The Adventures Of Derek & JoJo (PRE-ORDER)

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NOTE: This is a physical product for PRE-ORDER. Orders will ship Mid-November 2023

Why Choose "The Adventures of Derek & JoJo"?

Simply put: It's a Life Skills book for children by No Excuse Today exploring entrepreneurial virtues.

Inside this book you'll find

Engaging Storytelling: Each Virtue is a captivating adventure, keeping young minds intrigued while subtly imparting essential life skills.

Educational and Inspiring: The book promotes values like commitment, honesty, trust, and more, fostering personal growth and character development in children.

Perfect for Various Ages: The content is tailored for children aged 6 to 12, making it a versatile read for families and educators.

Interactive Quizzes: Each Virtue includes a quiz, enhancing comprehension and encouraging active engagement with the material.

Encourages Critical Thinking: The stories encourage children to reflect on their own actions and choices, fostering critical thinking skills.

NOTE: This is a physical product for PRE-ORDER. Orders will ship Mid-November 2023

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