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No Excuse Today

No Excuse Today: 10 Steps To Eliminate Excuses

No Excuse Today: 10 Steps To Eliminate Excuses

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Life is nuanced, but you can make it simple. A way to simplify your life is to eliminate excuses. No Excuse Today: 10 Steps To Eliminate Excuses teaches you how to achieve that level of accountability. 

Why take accountability? 

Accountability is power. When you take accountability, you take control. When you take control, you’re behind the wheel. When you’re behind the wheel, you steer your life in the direction you want it to go! 

When you make an excuse, you hand the keys to your brand new car over to someone or something other than yourself. That person or thing then becomes your life’s driver. 

This 10-step guide is a framework designed to put you in the most important seat - the one that drives your life. Steward outlines each step in the process with an honest and relatable personal anecdote, then she delivers context for the step’s importance before she provides practical action items that will lead you to the ultimate goal - the elimination of excuses and the restoration of your power! 

Steward’s stories and context make the steps tangible and the action items are a road map that makes the goal attainable. This book is like having a personal coach in your pocket. It is written for the person who wants to be responsible for the construction of their own life. If that person is you, buy it and get to work!

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No Excuse Today is the #1 brand helping others overcome adversity without making excuses. This small business flourishes through word of mouth. Every time you share this brand you become a dynamic contributor to the company's growth.

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